Stories of Progress

Below are some examples of our recent work for clients across a range of issues and causes. More success stories and case studies are available on request.

Preserving Real Affordability in America’s Cities

Skyrocketing rents and the loss of affordable housing are painfully felt by many people living in cities today. That’s why we are committed to promoting a growing tenant movement led by communities on the frontlines of the affordability crisis. Our communications, media relations, campaign development, and strategic advising efforts help coalitions and organizations advance robust policies and laws that preserve real affordability in America’s cities, strengthen rent regulation, and target predatory landlords and other harmful actors in the housing market.

As part of this work, we ran communications and media relations for the summer 2017 national tenant march in Washington, where Senator Elizabeth Warren gave the keynote address.

We have placed numerous news stories on how housing advocates and tenant leaders are pushing elected officials to pursue stronger courses of action to address the affordability crisis.

Clients: Alliance for Tenant Power, Center for Popular Democracy, New York Communities for Change, No Cuts Coalition, and Real Affordability for All.

Standing Up for Immigrants in the Era of Trump

Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign by attacking immigrants. And now, in the White House, his administration is pushing an aggressively anti-immigrant agenda. We have proudly worked with the largest national immigrant youth-led organization to stand up for millions of immigrants who are here to stay – to live, work, learn, dream, and create a better country.

We partner on efforts to elevate the voices and experiences of immigrant youth who successfully fought for and won the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA), which has helped nearly a million immigrants pursue higher education, build careers, and establish meaningful lives here.

We use communications and media relations to raise the profiles of immigrant youth leaders, mobilize opposition to anti-immigrant policies, and build support for the Dream Act, which will give immigrant youth a path to citizenship.

Client: United We Dream

Showing How States Can Improve Public Schools

Some of the best minds in education policy put together a roadmap showing how states across the country can improve public schools and ensure that all children receive a high-quality education. We helped get the word out about it. For a national education advocacy group, we handled the roll out of Valuing Public Education: a 50 State Record Card, the first in-depth nonpartisan report card to grade all states according to whether their policies support a professional teaching force, equitable funding, and increased opportunity for student success.

Our communications and media relations efforts ensured that governors and state policymakers noticed the report card and responded. We secured high-impact story placements in The Washington Post and other outlets, and extensive local and state media coverage that generated constructive debate, especially in states that received low grades on the report card.

Client: Network for Public Education

Demanding Bold Action on Climate Change

Climate change is a growing threat to the planet. But simply lifting up the worst gloom and doom scenarios won’t empower communities most vulnerable to harm from extreme climate events. That’s why we partner with environmental justice advocates and coalitions to show how cities can turn the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the creation of new careers in energy efficiency and the expansion of economic opportunity for women, immigrants, and people of color. Our communications, media relations, campaign development, and strategic advising efforts help make the case that smarter climate policies can not only create a better future, but also undo the inequities of past policies on waste management, pollution, coastal development, infrastructure, and disaster preparedness.

Clients: ALIGN: the Alliance for a Greater New York, the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, and UPROSE.

Challenging Wall Street’s Business Model

When it comes to the financial sector, the massive profits of hedge funds and private equity firms often come at the expense of regular working people and struggling communities.

Our communications, media relations, campaign development, and strategic advising help guide national efforts to increase Wall Street accountability, and build an effective movement for economic fairness that empowers workers and taxpayers over the billionaire elite.

We’ve been engaged in large-scale efforts to divest public pensions from hedge funds, and to advance federal and state laws that collect unpaid taxes from financial firms with a history of exploiting lucrative loopholes instead of paying their fair share like the rest of us.

For key leaders and organizations at the forefront of this work, we’ve placed numerous news stories in top financial and national news outlets, including CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, New York magazine, the Financial Times, Reuters, Bloomberg, and more.

Clients: Hedge Clippers, American Federation of Teachers, New York Communities for Change, Strong Economy for All, ReFund America Project.

Fighting for the Rights of Retail Workers

Retail is one of the largest sectors of our economy, and it’s where many workers struggle to earn enough to support themselves and their families. The unionization of retail workers is a proven way to boost wages, establish fair schedules, and ensure access to decent benefits.

For the labor union representing workers at the largest Macy’s department store in the United States, we ran communications and media relations for a hard-hitting contract campaign that led to significant wage increases and other improvements that raise the bar for retail jobs.

We used the threat of a strike to generate national press attention that helped union negotiators pressure Macy’s to deliver a better contract for several thousand workers.

Client: Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), UFCW.

Cleaning Up Dirty Laundries that Threaten Consumers

Every day, people go to restaurants, hotels, and hospitals assuming that the napkins, table cloths, towels, sheets, and other linens they use are properly cleaned. Until recently, in New York City, there was no legal requirement for industrial laundries that wash those linens to meet strong cleanliness standards. We helped expose this massive public health risk, and oversaw a successful campaign to fix the problem and protect millions of consumers. We worked with a coalition of labor, consumer, and advocacy groups to introduce and pass the Clean Act, a groundbreaking new law that creates tougher licensing and regulation for industrial laundries, requiring them to provide hygienically clean linens to all businesses they serve.

From start to finish, we guided all aspects of the campaign – legislative strategy, politics, research, coalition-building, communications, and media relations. The Clean Act passed unanimously in the New York City Council, and set an important new precedent for how local government can push unscrupulous businesses to clean up their act.

Clients: Workers United and the Clean NYC Coalition.

Telling the Real Story of Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis

In Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, investors and speculators have reaped huge profits and pushed austerity and privatization measures that harm regular working people and communities. Over the past few years, we’ve elevated this narrative in the Puerto Rican press and mainstream financial press, generating sustained outcry against vulture investors and financial interests who put greed ahead of strengthening Puerto Rico’s actual economy, infrastructure and future.

With watchdog groups and activists in Puerto Rico and throughout the United States, we’ve used hard-hitting reports and large-scale protests to build the case against those who actively exploit the debt crisis for their own financial gain.

Clients: Hedge Clippers, ReFund America Project, American Federation of Teachers, New York Communities for Change, Make the Road Connecticut.