Progressive Cities is a new breed of consulting firm.

We work with the next generation of leaders, organizations, campaigns, and movements to create a better future from the ground up.

We believe cities can lead the way forward. Here’s why: when grassroots organizing victories, political transformations, and policy successes in cities improve people’s lives and strengthen communities, they often open new paths for progress that states and the federal government are encouraged to follow.

Whether your goal is getting more media attention for your cause, winning a campaign to change public policy, building a durable coalition around an important issue, or bringing fresh voices into the political process, we can help you set the agenda, drive the debate, and increase your influence.

Simply put, we can help you succeed.

We regularly place our clients in the most influential news outlets, and we partner closely with them to advance meaningful social, political, and economic change.

At a time of rising inequality, we are committed to making cities fairer and better for those who are struggling the most. We want to expand the scope of what regular people and communities can achieve across the country.

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